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General Application Expertise With Over 1,500 Formulations Available
Products Designed for OEM and Heavy Duty Applications:

Small Black Bullet

Synthetic Greases
Small Black Bullet PFPE/PTFE Thickened Greases
Small Black Bullet Sealed For Life Bearing Greases
Small Black Bullet CV Joint Greases
Small Black Bullet High Speed, High Temperature Oils & Greases
Small Black Bullet Electrical Contact Greases
Small Black Bullet Rock Bit Greases for Gas and Oil Well Drilling 
Small Black Bullet Greases for Automotive Racing, Heavy Duty Construction and Off Road Equipment
Small Black Bullet Open Gear Greases for Mining and Cement Plants
Small Black Bullet Greases for Hostile Environments, Acid, Water, Lox, Chemical, Temperatures from -200 Degrees F to +1800 Degrees F.
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