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We manufacture the following types of greases or combinations thereof:

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Calcium Sulfonate and Calcium Complex
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Lithium and Lithium Complex

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Water Resistant Sodium Complex
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Mixed Soap Base Greases
Small Black Bullet Bentone Greases
Small Black Bullet Silica Greases
 Small Black Bullet Silicone Greases 
 Small Black Bullet PTFE Greases
 Small Black Bullet Non-Soap Based Greases
 Small Black Bullet Perfluorinated Fluids and Greases
Synthetic Lubricants
Severe Environment Lubricants

We have over 65 years experience in solving real world problems. For fluids, we utilize our vast knowledge of mineral oils and synthetics such as PAO's, Esters, PFPE's, PPE's, silicones, and many other base oils inclusive with additive technology. We combine the above fluids with one or more of the following: PTFE, dyes, inert/inorganic thickeners, proprietary polymers and/or complex metallic soaps, to make our greases. Unlike major oil and grease producers, we can provide scale-up quantities (3000 grams to 500 lbs.) for field-testing, up to commercial quantities.


Higher torque, temperatures, DN values and smaller components coupled with unique mechanical designs are the current norm, often however, without a suitable lubricant. Tomlin Scientific offers a broad spectrum of products that operate in a variety of harsh environments: -200 degrees F, to +1800 degrees F and under the vacuum of deep space. They perform in contact with harsh chemicals such as sodium silicate, formaldehyde, strong acids and bases, chlorine gas and liquid oxygen. They protect lubricated parts from rust and fretting corrosion. Also, we offer lubricants that protect against severe high-impact loading such as found in rock bit journal bearings used for oil and gas exploration drilling.  

General Application Expertise With Over 1,500 Formulations Available
Products Designed for OEM Applications:

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Synthetic Greases
Small Black Bullet PFPE/PTFE Thickened Greases
Small Black Bullet Sealed For Life Bearing Greases
Small Black Bullet CV Joint Greases
Small Black Bullet High Speed, High Temperature Oils & Greases
Small Black Bullet Electrical Contact Greases
Products Designed for Heavy Duty Applications:

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Rock Bit Greases for Gas and Oil Well Drilling
Small Black Bullet Greases for Automotive Racing, Heavy Duty Construction and Off Road Equipment
Small Black Bullet Open Gear Greases for Mining and Cement Plants
Small Black Bullet Greases for Hostile Environments, Acid, Water, Lox, Chemical, Temperatures from -200 Degrees F to +1800 degrees F.
Small Black Bullet High Temperature Chain Oils
Small Black Bullet Lubricants for Couplings, Splines and Roll Neck Bearings
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